Dressed to Impress & Protect! No one will ever know

American-Made functional clothing that minimizes gun showing! Fashion that encourages empowerment & self-reliance.

Be armed, fashionable, and Incognito!

Made in America

Clothing that fits – you and your lifestyle.

Conceal and carry so you’ll Never be a victim because of style.

Less than Lethal Protection

For young adults, students who want protection with Peace of Mind (P.O.M.) Pepper Spray

American Made Clothing & Holster

Concealed carry gear and accessories to be completely dressedcool

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Do you struggle with how to dress and CARRY ON-body?

We solve your problem with american-made clothing designed for the ultimate camouflage!

no on will know you’re carrying for safety & self-defense.


Never be a victim because of style®

Due to Covid-19 and Worker shortages, shipping may take longer than expected. Thanks for your patience in this matter!

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