Simply The best in women’s Concealed carry clothing

 Never be a victim because of style®

 Don’t let fashion keep you from being armed.

Incognito Wear IX® is the pioneer in changing how women carry a concealed weapon discreetly.

If you’ve ever experienced the dilemma of having to choose between either dressing to impress or dressing to protect, Incognito Wear IX® is what you’ve been waiting for – it’s both! I’m Jan Wolbrecht, and that why I design our clothing to be fashionable, stylish and functional. Practical; not Tactical.

We have the ultimate camouflage for those of us hiding in plain sight.

With Incognito Wear IX®, there’s no excuse to NOT be armed – you want to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your valuables.

Our goal is to provide you with confidence that your gun won’t (show a visible outline) print. Our specially designed clothing makes it easy to dress for concealment;  empowering you to carry every day.

Our unique designs combine comfort and hidden accessibility to your firearm, or non-lethal means of protection (such as pepper spray).

We’re casual, not “tactical” in appearance, so there’s no giveaway or indication that you may be armed.

We source only quality materials, and manufacture in America. We design with you in mind, using fabrics that are soft, stretchy and comfortable to wear.

We’ll help you dress for utility and for style.

We’ve forged the way for people with concealed carry permits to become “incognito.” Regardless of lifestyle, we’ve got you covered from casual and professional wear.


Our unique, stylish designs come in a variety of patterns and each design is created to provide you with a sense of confidence that your choice of protection will not print (show a bluge).

Whether you’re walking home alone, out for the day with loved ones or traveling for business, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that Incognito Wear IX® has your back.

Designed to solve your concealed carry concerns about clothing and on body carry.

Our goal at Incognito Wear IX® is to prevent everyone from becoming a victim, not just the responsibly armed citizen. Special hidden access points are seamlessly installed into every design. 

This can also aid in safeguarding your valuables from theft of pick-pocketing (especially when traveling abroad).

Our clothing is so comfortable and fashionable, anyone will want to wear it, whether they choose to be armed or not.

Living a lifestyle of safety does require a different wardrobe. Incognito Wear IX® makes it possible for everyone to blend in with style, while carrying a firearm or other self defense tool. Don’t let fashion keep you from being armed with a means to protect and save your life.

Never be a victim because of style®.

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